Aara Wall Shield Interior Primer

Aara Paints is the international gold standard in paints. It is one of the most technologically advanced paints in the world and is certified by various global benchmarking institutions. Aara paints imparts your walls with a soft sheen and brings out the richest of colours.

Aara Paints to offer you 5 years of Performance Warranty in Interiors. The warranty covers film integrity, protection against flaking or peeling, shade fading and fungus attack. Please refer to the Warranty document for more information.

Aara Paints is a pioneer for Environmental responsibility in the paints industry. It is the only product from Aara Paints to be certified by Green SealTM , USA for meeting its GS-11 standards for effective performance, 20% recycled packaging, protective limits on VOC and human toxicity.

Aara Paints has the exceptional ability to stretch to almost 400%. This ensures hairline cracks remain covered and your walls remain beautiful for years to come.

Hydrophobic nature forces water to roll down as little beads, just as a lotus leaf would do. Highly water resistant and does not wet, penetrate, trickle, or spot. This translates into is an easy to clean, smooth and highly durable painted surface.

Fortifies your walls against tough stains, increases durability and reinforces the strength of the paint film. Comparable to the best interior emulsions across the world, it protects your walls against the toughest household and water based stains.

Packs enhanced fire safety and security properties. It has the distinction of the slowest flame spread rate in its category. Aara Paints has received the highest Class 1 rating from Exova Warrington fire.

Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal formula that retards microbial growth, thus creating a more hygienic and healthier living environment. It is certified by PRA Coatings Technology Centre, UK.

Aara Paints creates a non – porous surface that is almost stain phobic, which means the wall is easy to clean and maintain.